It is summer. That means fresh veggies and fruits everywhere you look. Except in my garden which seems to have decided NOT to produce any thing but tomatoes. So this summer I have to purchase most of the veggies. But getting fresh locally right now is not a problem. Next year….

One of the veggies easily obtainable right now is snap beans. SOOO much better than canned or frozen. And especially good with Donna’s pine nut brown butter.


This is very easy to put together. Slowly brown about 2-3 Tbl unsalted butter over medium high heat until it is golden with a nutty fragrance. Add some pine nuts. Spoon over fresh steamed lightly seasoned snap beans. DONE!!!

The subtle sweetness and the soft crunch of the nuts is perfect with the beans. Oh, and there is the butter!!!! Try this one soon.

I’m pretty sure the other members of Wednesdays with Donna Hay enjoyed this one too, so check with


Chaya, and

Kayte who picked this week’s recipe.

You can find the recipe on page 86 of modern classics: Book 1

And if you want to join us on Wednesdays just leave me a comment. No pressure! Just fun!

Sorry for no picture. I am having trouble adding media right now. But the beans looked just like Kayte’s, Chaya’s, and Gaye’s.