Last month we made Wonton Parcels filled with chocolate and apple. This meant we had wonton wrappers left over. I thought we would need to use them up so I chose dumplings for this week’s donna hay pick. I also thought it would be fun to make dumplings since I have never made them before. AND I do love Asian or Asian style food so it is definitely a win/win situation.


These were so easy to make. And they would have been lots easier if I had had all my ingredients. But I had the wrong recipe in mind so had to do with what I had. I thawed a chicken breast and ground up part of that. Didn’t have any Sweet Chilli sauce so I mixed my own (Honey with sriracha to taste and a touch of Rice wine vinegar). But they still came out just right. Simple ingredients – ground chicken, cilantro, Hoisin Sauce – in a wrapper and steamed.


It was fun making them. Just pinch the sides together and steam them for about 4 minutes. Then some dipping sauce – that same last minute chilli sauce – perfect with some fried rice.

You can find the recipe on page 124 of Donna’s off the shelf. And check out