One of the cookbooks we are using for Wednesdays with Donna Hay is off the shelf: cooking from the pantry. The premise behind this book is how to fill your pantry with convenient and basic ingredients. Then you can whip together easy delicious meals EVERYDAY!! Okay. That’s fine, if you can actually FIND the ingredients to put IN the pantry!! And usually it is not a problem unless you live in a fairly small not very cuisine aware town. Like I do. I figured I just wouldn’t get to make this dish because I could not find Thai green curry paste. But as luck would have it, by the FOURTH store I found it. WooHoo!!



The recipe calls for coconut cream. I took that to mean cream of coconut and that is what I used. Maybe I should have used coconut milk instead. While Donna’s sauce looks rather white you can see mine is quite brown. That was due to the cream of coconut caramelizing as the chicken was cooking. It was delicious – sweet, spicy – but as it cooled it hardened a little. Still…it was very tasty. With the sweet potato and the jasmine rice it was quite filling. Definitely a repeat. But maybe with the milk rather than the cream.

The recipe is on page 134 of off the shelf: cooking from the pantry.

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