…aka Great Pot Roast.

Which I don’t get to cook very often because with just two of us home now there is usually way too much meat left over. Not that that is a bad thing. But when the FFWD choice was pot roast I couldn’t pass it up.


And it was a good pot roast. Dorie’s recipe is similar to mine, and probably tons of other people as well, except for one thing. She had us marinating the roast overnight in wine, veggies, and herbs. Onions, celery, carrots, and a bouquet garni of thyme, rosemary, bay, and celery leaves. That is also something I usually don’t do. Oh, yeah, and I usually don’t add anchovies either. Don’t panic – it doesn’t give it a fishy taste, just enhances the overall flavor of the entire dish. I did make a couple of changes. I cut the wine back quite a bit because we are just not wine ‘likers’ altho I do like the flavor it imparts. The other change was to cook the roast, after the browning, etc., in the slow cooker. After 3 hours I had a nice tender roast and some lovely veggies to serve with rice. The gravy was very tasty!! (Thanks to the anchovies and tomato paste – definitely adding those to the next pot roast). If you want to make the boeuf à la mode it is easy but it is a two day affair. And worth it.

The recipe is on page 252 of Dorie’s around my French table. I also found it ONLINE.

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