Whatever you do, don’t slam the oven door or the Soufflé will fall!!

Turns out, that isn’t necessarily true: According to The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen

    “The sturdy muffins emerged unharmed, as did the yellow cake. Even the notoriously fragile angel food cake and the soufflé survived the vigorous slamming. Why? A properly developed foam – whether powered by baking soda, baking powder, or beaten egg whites – is pretty resilient.

But that is probably why so many people are afraid to try a soufflé. I know I was the first time I made one for Tuesdays with Dorie I kept a careful eye on the little babies. They came out just fine. AS did my Spinach and Cheddar ones I did 4 years later. And since this is DORIE, again, I was confident they would turn out just fine. And they did!

Since I was the only one home and the Hubs is NOT a cheese lover I had these all to my self. 1/2 of the recipe resulted in 3 little soufflés which I ate for dinner.


Of course once they come out of the oven all the air that was nice and warm cools and the soufflés deflate IMMEDIATELY! But that’s okay.


The flavor doesn’t deflate at all!

Muenster cheese is very mild and the cumin seemed to over power it. I think I like mine with a stronger cheese. But still good.

Visit the other members of French Fridays with Dorie and check out their soufflés. I already have and they are quite tall and lovely.

The recipe is on page 152 of Dorie’s around my French table