There are tons of things you can make with an eggplant. You can make Moussaka, fried eggplant, dressing, grilled. I do love eggplant. But one thing I would never have thought to use them in meatballs. But Donna did.


She also put in feta cheese, mint leaves (which I left out), parsley, ground beef, and lemon rind. Quite a different combo – for us anyways!!

I tried couple with the tzatziki. Not impressed. I froze them for later to use in…eh…something. Sorry, Sarah (It was her choice). Interesting though.

Did the other members of WWDH like the meatballs? Check with them…

If you want to cook with us just leave one of us a comment. We’d love to have you.

BTW the recipe for these meatballs is on Donna’s website.