I have still not satisfied my craving for Pizza. Two weeks ago some of us made a pizza from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. And I was good. I went out with a friend for lunch and we have pizza. Still not enough. So I was excited when this week’s pick from Kayte for Wednesdays with Donna Hay was PIZZA! And not a pizza I would have ever, ever put together. But Donna did.


    Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Pizza

Really? Pumpkin on a pizza? The goat cheese I could understand. Pizza has cheese. And this pizza had pancetta (or prosciutto) on it. But Pumpkin? Interesting!

So I made the pizza and it was good, but I really didn’t care much for the pumpkin on it. I really did like the herb and garlic goat cheese on it. And the thyme leaves.
The pizza was also different for me because it did not have the familiar tomato sauce base. But that was alright, too.

Thanks, Kayte, for broadening my horizons again. This is not a combo I would have tried on my own. The pizza came from Donna’s modern classics: Book 1 on page 78.

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