One of my favorite meals is my Hub’s Bar-B-Que. He is the King of The Grill. Chicken, Sausage, Ribs. Of all the things he ‘Ques I would have to say his ribs are the BEST EVER!! Tender, fall off the bone, caramelized ribs. He has his own sauce. So when Sarah picked Donna’s American Style Pork Ribs I knew B would be doing the cooking. I could never compete. I made up Donna’s sauce/marinade and we went to cooking.


Donna’s sauce is simply brown sugar, tomato sauce (she says puree), vinegar, and spices. Then marinate the meat for several hours. Bake. Baste. Eat. Okay. We cheated just a bit and grilled the ribs instead. But making ribs in the OVEN just didn’t seem right!


The ribs cooked up very nicely but they were a little too sweet for us. I would use her marinade again but with less than the 1 cup of brown sugar.

Do the other Hayers like ribs? Find out:





The recipe comes from Donna’s Modern Classics: Book 1 and it’s one page 100. Try it out. And if you want to join in with us just leave one of us a comment. We’d love to have you.