Donna uses lots of fresh ingredients in her recipes as well as lots of flavours rather than lots of salt. I have also learned it is important to have two more things in the freezer – puff pastry and filo. There are a lot of recipes in her books that use one or the other. This time, it was filo to make


    spinach and feta tart

my choice for this week’s Wednesdays with Donna Hay.

Even though I picked this I really wasn’t sure if I would like it. Feta is something I am just beginning to appreciate. I have used it before in Donna’s and other’s recipes, but it is still new in my kitchen. And I like raw spinach, but I am still NOT a fan of cooked.

The recipe calls for dill, S&P, onions, and sour cream as well as the feta and spinach. I wilted some spinach as called for but after I mixed everything up for the filling it didn’t seem to be enough so I simply snipped in some raw. I could not tell the difference at all. So next time I make this I will simply put some raw spinach into the filling and save a step.

THIS was delicious!! I made 1/2 of the tart in a 6″ dish and it was quite filling. It was my supper last nite and will be part of lunch later this week. The filo surrounded the filling with a nice light crunch much better than a pie crust.


I think you could also use the filling in those little filo cups. After all, its not about the crust, it’s all about the filling.

The recipe is on page 170 of Donna’s modern classics: Book 1

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    for their pies.

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I hope 2014 brings you blessings, joy, and happiness.