So I joined a new baking group – Avid Bakers Challenge. Do I need another group? No, but it looks like fun. Baking once a month from King Arthur Flour website. I always try to have time to bake from KAF but never seem to have the time to go through all the wonder recipes. I have made some of their breads but not much else. So this group will make me do what I want to do. And for the first month we are baking one of my favorite treats – brownies. But not just any brownie –


    chocolate cheesecake brownies

A layer of brownie covered by a swirl of cheesecake and chocolate brownie. And that’s the other fave of mine – cheesecake. So if you can combine the two I am in dessert heaven.

I only made 1/2 of the total recipe and made them in a 7″ x 7″ pan. I did have some brownie batter left over so I made 3 small cupcake brownies.

After baking for 40 minutes they were mostly done, but with brownies, that is okay. I like fudgey brownies. I like them gooey in the middle.

I still need swirl lessons so they aren’t pretty but they were wonderful. Definitely a repeat when I need a brownie – with and without the cheesecake swirl.

Click on over the to ….


…and check out the other brownies from this months’ challenge. The link for the recipe is on the blog post.