I don’t make all of the ‘assignments’ for Baking with Julia. I tend to bake the items I haven’t made before (Thanks to TWD) or something I use a lot of. We use a lot of bread. Sandwiches every day for B. Or I make rolls from the recipe. This time the choice was bread and we always can use THAT!!


    Country Bread

.The use of a sponge adds to the depth of the flavor and adds a little tartness since it sits 6 – 8 hours and bubbles softly. Rye flour, AP flour, whole wheat flour add lots of flavor and texture to the bread. AND I got to use my Banneton which is a plus. Most of the bread I make is loaf style so making a nice round bread is a treat.

This isn’t a quick bread to make. Two rises – up to 3.5 hours in addition to the 6 – 8 hour sponge. I left mine to rise and got delayed in my errands so it rose, eh…maybe a little too much?


Which means it collapsed when I put it on the peel. But it rose some in the oven, so it turned out okay.


I love a bread with lots of texture and this one was spot on. It has a lot of ‘chew’ in the crust. It will be great for sandwiches, or maybe just toasted.

This bread was contributed by Joe Ortiz, The Village Baker, and is on pages 136/137 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking with Julia

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