Once a month the Avid Baker’s Challenge ‘assigns’ something fun to bake from the KAF website. Last month it was Cheesecake Swirl Brownies. This month it is Tuscan Coffee Cake. Not real sweet but really delicious. Perfect for toasting or eating plain with a cup of tea or coffee. It is fulled with nuts, fruit, and flavor.


The recipe on the website called for a starter and an over night wait so I pulled out my ingredients and got ready. This was the first time I had had a chance to use the European Flour from KAF so I was excited. I turned the package around and on the back was the Tuscan Coffee Cake recipe – with NO STARTER. All the ingredients were the same. Everything except the lack of a starter. I decided to go that route as I was running out of time to make the cake on time. Hope that’s okay with you, Hanaâ? Anyway…. I put all the ingredients together with only some minor changes. The recipe called for walnuts. We are NOT fans so I subbed in pecans. AND we really don’t like raisins so I subbed in dried cranberries. I liked the little sweet/tart flavor they added. Also, the recipe on the flour bag suggested using fiori di sicilia instead of the vanilla. THAT was a good idea. I used it in the drizzle on one of the cakes instead of the vanilla as well. Can I tell you how wonderful the kitchen smelled?

European flour is softer than all purpose, the other choice, so the cake was wonderfully soft. Not like a yeast bread at all. I ended up making two loaves from the recipe, placing 1/2 of the dough in each of two 6 inch cake pans. They baked for only 25 minutes.


As you can see they rose beautifully One will go in the freezer for gifting later.

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