Lunch for me is often something made with chicken. Usually chicken stir fried with onions and red sweet peppers and shrooms. I don’t ever get tired of it. Sometimes I add a little Vidalia Onion Dressing. Sometimes I wrap it in a tortilla or flat bread. So when I saw Gaye’s pick this week for WWDH I knew it would be perfect for lunch. Until I saw one ingredient – Asian Chilli Paste – which, after visiting FOUR grocers I simple was not able to find. So I ended up making my own – kinda, sorta!


While Donna suggested shredding the chicken I cooked strips and then cut them into smaller strips before heating them in the chilli paste. The shredded carrots added sweetness and the spinach {she said salad and to me that’s salad, right?} added some crunch.

Thanks Gaye, this was a perfect pick!!

Donna’s recipe is on page 142 of off the shelf: cooking from the pantry

While I did cheat on the chili paste by the time it was cooked with the chicken all you could taste was the spices with a little heat:

    1/4 cup catsup
    2 tsp cayanne

Mix well. That’s it, really! And it wasn’t bad!