When I think of Paris, I think of crepes. Thin, lacy, delicate little pancakes folded and filled with….just about anything. Elegant, warm, exquisite little pockets of sweetness. Dorie’s recipe for Butter and Rum Crepes: plain and fancy calls for cinnamon sugar filling, or lemon curd. I had some honey caramel in the cabinet and some chocolate syrup. Perfect for dessert. Especially with whipped cream on top.


The crepe batter contains citrus zest and rum. I only had orange so I left out the suggested lemon zest. The rum, which you can use instead of vanilla, was rather subtle.

I was leery of making these but they turned out to be quite simple and the results were better than I expected.


The recipe is in Dorie’s around my French table on page 411. Check with the other Doristas for their crepes.