For many years I have said how much I love cold weather. I think my mind is changing. The weather this winter in the Deep South has been so strange. I am actually tired of the cold and ready for Spring. Or at least warmer days with sun rather than clouds and/or rain. This little steamed pudding is a nice way to wish for warmer weather.


    steamed coconut puddings with lime

The theme for this week’s I Heart Cooking Club was Tropical Delights. Let’s see. Tropical? Coconut, lime, pineapple. And what I found was a nice little coconut pudding/cake with a lime/sugar syrup.

    THAT definitely fits my idea of TROPICAL!

I read the recipe once or twice. But evidently not very thoroughly. When I went looking for the oven temp I was surprised that there wasn’t one. This is a STEAMED pudding. Well, DUH!! Just read the title!!! Evidently the weather has really gotten to me. How on earth am I going to st……WAIT!! I have a steamer. I hardly ever use it so I forget I have it. Thanks, DAD!!


Cooked in little greased {Which I forgot to do} ramekins these puddings are more cake like than pudding like. The lime syrup adds a tartness to the sweetness of the coconut in the pudding. I am thinking how good these would be with a pineapple syrup. REALLY Tropical!

These are simple, sweet, tasty. So, if you are feeling a need for TROPICAL, try these. They are on page 167 of Donna Hay’s the new cook

And check with IHCC

      for more tropical delights.