When I was young the Family lived in England for a few years. Dad was Air Force and back then stays in different places were never longer than two years. Sometimes we moved every 6 months or so. The four years we were in England we were stationed at three different air bases and moved four times. This was not a bad thing as we got to travel a lot!! And I have many, many fond memories of people, places, adventures. And food. Bangers and Mash. Treacle pie. Yorkshire Pudding. Etc. Etc. I especially learned to love McVitties Digestive Cookies. I am addicted to those things. I only buy them now occasionally because I know I will eat the whole package. Not a bad thing when they are less than a dollar a pack, but in the USA……

Anyway – when I saw this months Avid Baker’s Challenge was English Digestive Cookies I was very excited. Now I could make my own. My addiction was less of a problem!!


Easy to make. Nice soft dough. Baked up quickly. I didn’t change anything but the type of sugar. The recipe called for powdered but since I was out I used, as suggested, brown sugar. All pluses. BUT…I thought they tasted horrible. Nothing at all like the digestives I was craving. NOTHING!! I even painted them with some chocolate. Didn’t help. SOOO disappointed. I so hope some of the Bakers liked them. Somewhere I saw a recipe using digestive crumbs as a crust for a tart or cheesecake. That is a possible.

Sorry, guys. Not a repeat.

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