It is Spring here in the deep south. We don’t have them very often. We usually go from Winter to Summer. Nothing in between. This year was different. And wonderfully refreshing. Like this soup from Donna Hay.


It was full of lovely green veggies and full of flavor. Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper. Simple seasonings that brought out the flavor of the veggies. What veggies, did you ask?


Zucchini, peas, broccoli, asparagus. And I added in some fresh green onions as suggested by my friend, and fellow WWDH member, Chaya.

I really wasn’t sure about this soup. While I love all the veggies, I wasn’t sure if I would like them together in a soup. But…it was wonderful. The cream and milk made a nice thick ‘broth’ without overpowering the veggies.

Thanks for this one, Kayte, it was perfect for a spring day lunch. Donna, you did it again!

Check with

for their soups.

If you would like to try this soup it is in Donna’s modern classics:Book 1 on page 18.