I like a good omelette. They are comforting, fun to make, and make a great simple meal when you don’t want to cook much. I have made lots of omelettes over the years. Usually a nice simple one with just cheese. Or maybe a few mushrooms and peppers. I have never made one with fish sauce and snow peas. But, again, Donna Hay has broadened my horizons with her asian chicken omelette with snow peas, bean sprouts and chilli


This is a before I ‘slid’ it out of the pan. It kind of fell apart when it hit the plate.

I liked the fish sauce and brown sugar mixed with the eggs. Definitely a different taste there. But it was a little dry.

Sarah made the pick this week for Wednesdays with Donna Hay. The recipe came from Donna’s magazine (August/September 2013). If you would like the recipe just let me know and I will send it along.

Check with Sarah, Gaye, and Chaya for their asian omelettes.