You have to know I tried a rolled cake before and it just didn’t roll. At all. I found out later I had left out an ingredient – I don’t remember which one now. I was burned on rolled cakes. Until now. I think this is probably the most fun I have had making a cake. It rolled…


and it was so easy. At least following Dorie’s instructions. There was even a video on the net that deftly illustrated how to roll a cake. They were both great helps. And because of them my cake was PERFECT!!!


    bûche de Noël

It looked just like the picture. I was excited!!! So was The FAM because it was dessert for Christmas Eve.


Now I want to make nothing but rolled cakes.

THIS particular rolled cake was gingerbread cake with a cream cheese filling with candied pecans and a fluffy marshmallow frosting. The ‘log’ was covered with candied pecans. Delicious!

The other Doristas also celebrated the Christmas season with Dorie’s cake. Check them out HERE!!

The recipe is on page 86 of Baking Chex Moi.