Sarah said she chose this recipe because it sounded fun. And how can you say not to a stuffed meatball? Especially one stuffed with tiny balls of mozzarella! Made with minced or ground pork flavored with fennel, chili, and garlic, they were full of flavor and oozing with lots of mozzarella.


The picture does not do it justice!!!

I served them, as Donna recommended, with a simple tomato sauce and all of it was perfect with speghetti. Definitely a repeat.

The only change I made was to used venison sausage rather than simply ground pork. The seasonings were already in the meat. The main part of this dish was stuffing them with the baby bocconcini, aka CILIEGINE.

The recipe is on Donna’s Website.

Check with Gaye, Sarah, and Chaya for their stuffed meatballs.