I have seen scores of recipes for this dish for years but I have never made it. Wanted to but just never did. No excuse. Have now – thanks to Kayte.


All of the ingredients are usual for the pantry. I am sure Paprika is something most of us have. The important thing is to use GOOD paprika. Preferably the sweet Hungarian Paprika. Unfortunately I had only 1/2 of what I needed (1+ TBL) so I used 1/2 the Hungarian and 1/2 the OTHER stuff. And THAT was probably why this dish wasn’t what I was looking forward to. While good, it wasn’t great. Sorry, Kayte.

Besides the paprika you also need some green bell pepper {I used orange because We are not fans of the less sweet green.}, cayenne, Italian parsley leaves, onion, and garlic for the flavors. Sour cream for tang and thickening. And chicken broth. {I thought the sauce was a little thin so I thickened it with light roux}

Ellie suggested serving it with noodles so that is exactly what I did. With some sautéed Asparagus.

The recipe is on page 151 of Ellie’s Weeknight Wonders and you can see what the others thought about the paprikash by visiting our home page – Eating with Ellie where you will find a list of the recipes to come.