I have heard of pasta ‘fazool’ but I never really knew what it was. Thanks to Ellie and her newest book Weekend Wonders I now know the answer.


Pasta ‘fazool’ is a twist on the Italian word FAGIOLI which simply means BEANS. Pasta with beans. Who knew? Well, probably everybody but ME!!

Ellie’s version uses Whole Wheat elbows {I used Whole Grain} and adds in zucchini. While many recipes use some kind of meat – sausage, pancetta -this one is totally meatless and totally delicious.

Now, I have to admit I. Don’t. Like. Beans! but in this dish they were ‘disguised’ with the Parmesan Cheese and zucchini. “WHEW!”

The only change I made – While Ellie lists a can of no-salt added diced tomatoes I have jars of tomatoes from the garden –


with no salt added – I didn’t think Ellie would mind.

While this is supposed to be a soup, I served it as a side with less liquid. It IS a great soup, though. And I think I mite make it this winter (9 months from now) and add some of that sausage. But meanwhile – it’s a side dish here.

The recipe is on page 70 of Ellie’s Weeknight Wonders and check with the other Eaters on the Eating with Ellie webpage for their ‘fazool’.

AND if you want to join with us we are cooking just from Ellie’s newest book – Weeknight Wonders. Leave us a comment HERE!!