The summer is coming on quickly so I am getting into my ‘all about simple’ mode of cooking. Less time n the kitchen, more time outside. And even tho’ I am not a big fan of soup in the summer this one from Ellie Krieger is definitely in the ‘all about simple’ category.


There is a ton of good stuff in this simple clear broth soup: bok choy, mushrooms, green onions, ginger, snow peas, bamboo shoots. And long thin pieces of browned pork. So many veggies in one small bowl. And a tasty soup it was.

Ellie suggested serving it with Sesame Quinoa, so I did!.


The quinoa on the side was a great hep in making sure EVERY drop of soup was GONE!!

The group I was not sure what to do with the pork as Ellie doesn’t mention it again after it is cooked so I polled the group and came up with different answers – in the soup, on the side – I ended up just adding the pork to the soup. For me, that was the right answer.

The recipe is on page 74 of Ellie’s Weeknight Wonders The Sesame Quinoa is on page 260. It is also super simple.

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