You make a Roux!

That is how so many good Southern, especially Louisiana, recipes begin. And make sure you have the Trinity – celery, onion, bell pepper – handy. And that is exactly what Ellie did with this healthier version on Shrimp Creole.

    My PaPa…


    …was Acadian French from South Louisiana and his creoles, gumbos, etouffees were fantastic. I learned from him and have been using his recipes for years.

But I tried Ellie’s and it was pretty good. Spicy! And really NOT that much different from PaPa’s.

Canola instead of shortening. Tabasco instead of Cayenne. A little less roux. And I don’t remember him ever putting spinach in the creole!

I was pleasantly surprised.


This could just become my new creole recipe. Sorry, PaPa.

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The reicpe is on page 184 in Ellie’s Weeknight Wonders