Several years ago my M-I-L gave me a book. It was a book filled with recipes, financial tips, and hilarity. If you don’t have this book and you need a good giggle now and then, order it today.

swwt queen

Jill Conner Browne’s book is full of financial tips

    If you have been in therapy for the last fifteen ears over your failure to live up to THE image of womanhood….you can save the cost of the therapist and whatever drugs you’ve been put on by just buying your own copy of Betty Crocker and burning it….your own personal do-it-yourself therapeutic exorcism.

Works for me!!

There are also lots of anecdotal stories attached to each recipe and there are LOTS of recipes.

    Grilled Bologna Po-Boy
    Fatten-you-right-up rolls
    It’s a Miracle Pie
    Pig Candy
    Gorilla Casserole
    Yam Yomp
    Death Chicken

and the one I made for Mother’s Day…


Mobile Home Marvel!

    “…so easy you can make it in the back of a moving vehicle; so simple, all you need is the briefest run through the smallest grocery store…”

Here’s what you need:

    12 – 18 Ice Cream Sandwiches {a 9″ x 13″ needs about 13 and preferably BLUE BELL}
    Caramel Sauce
    Cool Whip {Small or large depending on how deep you want it.
    Broken Heath Bars {but you could also use Butterfingers}
    Chocolate Sauce {I added this – cause you can NEVER have too much Chocolate}

Unwrap and layer the sandwiches on the bottom of the pan. Spread Cool Whip all over the top. Drizzle caramel sauce all over. Then drizzle the chocolate sauce. Cover the whole thing in broken candy bars. Then just to make sure you have enough – drizzle some more caramel and chocolate sauce. Place in the freezer until ready to eat.

Mind you, this is not a diet dessert – but I guess you figured that out! But it is delicious and will really get your Sweet Tooth in high gear.