Of all the foods in all the world Seafood is my absolute favorite. And in Louisiana there is lots of seafood. Crabs. Crawfish. Redfish. Catfish. Just to name a few. There is also SHRIMP!! Lots of good shrimp. That means anytime I get a chance to cook shrimp I do. Like this dish from Hazan.


    Spaghetti with Shrimp, Tomatoes, and Capers

Simple, fresh, and delicious. The only ingredients missing form the title are onions and oregano. The onions are browned. The chopped tomatoes are added to the mix along with the rest of the ingredients. I may have added just a LITTLE extra shrimp! Then all quickly tossed with the pasta. I used Whole Grain since we are trying to eat healthier. Just a little olive oil so it is not only delicious but good for you as well.

Look on page 98 of Hazan’s Thirty Minute Pastas

Our little group of pasta makers is growing. Besides Glennis and Kayte we have added Chaya and Peggy to the Group. Pasta lovers all!

If you want to see what we have all cooked in the past: