Which translates into simple, yummy, spicy chicken in lettuce cups!


Simple because you can purchase ground chicken. Simple because if you make any Asian flavored dishes you have the ingredients in your pantry.

You simply need some chillies, soy sauce, lemon juice, fish sauce, mint leaves and fresh coriander. Yep, in the pantry.

I honestly didn’t think I would like this. The fish sauce doesn’t have the best fragrance in the world. But I did. Now, I’m sorry I only made 1/2 of the recipe. Oh, and I didn’t have the lettuce leaves to serve it in so I used cabbage. A little stiff but not bad as a ‘server’.

The recipe, Kayte’s choice, is on page 124 of Donna’s off the shelf. Did the others like it as well. Check it out at the Wednesdays with Donna Hay website.

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