It is Fall. It has been Fall for 6 weeks. So why is it 80+ degrees out? It just doesn’t make sense. I even have azaleas blooming. By this time we usually have built a couple of fires to warm the house. Have pulled out the sweaters and turned on the heater just to take the chill of. Not this year. By this time I have usually made a gumbo, okay, I have made ONE!! And usually a stew or two. Not this year. Just hasn’t been in the mood for ‘comfort’ food. For all that this week’s Eating with Ellie there is stew. Glennis’ choice. So I made stew.


Stew with Guinness instead of red wine which I usually add to the recipe. And peas. I never put peas in a stew. Carrots, potatoes, beef and onions. Yes. And usually a little venison. {I did add a little.}

The Guinness was the star of this show. It turned a regular stew into an earthy dish.

However – we didn’t care for it that much. I usually put bay leaves in mine and garlic. For flavor. So while this was good I am going back to my usual. Sorry, Glennis and Ellie.

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