I have to admit I am not a fresh pear person.  There is something about the texture.  But put them in a pie, or in ice cream or in a tart and I am all over it.  Lucky for me this tart came around.  A silky dough filled with sweet pears and tart cranberries.


And with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top – PERFECT!  And it was gone in no time. The Galette Dough that Dorie recommends (page 420) is soft and silky.  It can be difficult to work with but it’s pliability is also a plus for tarts or the Apple Pielets we made in October.  The only change I made was to use some pears I canned this summer from the trees.  They didn’t soften which I was glad of.  Nothing worse than mushy pears.

The tart baked up beautiful and brown.  I had sprinkled some Turbinado sugar on top and it just added to the flavor.


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The recip is on page 132 of Dorie’s Baking Chez Moi