This week I got lucky.  It was my pick in both my cooking groups.  For Wednesdays with Donna Hay I chose her Italian Tomato and Basil Bread Soup.  For Eating with Ellie I went with more Italian style with her Meatballs and Marinara.


I don’t make meatballs very often.  I think now I will.  These were different than the usual meatballs I make.  They contained Parm cheese and shredded carrots.  Something I would NEVER think to put in them.  There was also dried oregano, dried basil, quick cooking oats, and garlic in the mix.  Boy!  they were good!

And while I usually brown them before I use them Ellie had us place the formed balls directly into the sauce to cook.

The recipe says to make 8 meatballs but I made 12 instead.  The smaller meatballs just were easier to work with.  I also used 1/2 ground beef and some ground venison.  It is really lean meat so I knew the balls would not be greasy.

I loved the flavor of the whole dish but I did think the sauce was a little watery.  I would recommend cooking it down just a smidgen.  I served it with some pasta.

For more of Ellie’s meatballs and marinara visit Eating with Ellie.

The recipe is on page 107 of Ellie’s newest book – Weeknight Wonders.