I love the commercial with the cows.  Eat mor Chikin!  And we follow those instructions – a lot!  Not much beef in this house any more.  It’s nice to have lots of good recipes including this one from Donna Hay.

coconut chicken curry


Simple to make.  Spicy with the Green curry paste.  2 – 3 Tbl.  LOTS of spicy flavor.  I only made 1/2 of the recipe but 2/3 of the sauce.  I love having extra sauce.

Donna suggested serving with Jasmine rice but I already had some brown rice cooked so that is what I used.  I also left out the lemon grass.  Not one of my faves.  But I do at least have some Kaffir lime leaves now and lived the flavor they added.  Definitely making this one again since it was so easy to put together.

This week’s Theme was Eat More Chicken.  Thanks, Kayte, for this theme.  Loved this dish.  This dish is on page 120 of Donna’s The New Cook.

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