For some reason The Man has been requesting biscuits with dinner – a lot.  We seldom ate biscuits with our meals.  Just not something we did.  We do now!  I usually make just a basic biscuit but I decided to try out something new.  I ended up with Deb’s maple bacon biscuits from her book Smitten Kitchen. {the book I am cooking from for February’s Cookbook Countdown.


What we have here is a biscuit filled with maple syrup and bacon pieces.  Are you drooling yet?  I have to admit The Man wasn’t sure about these when I described them but he didn’t complain when I served them.

The only change I made – I used 1/2 whole wheat flour in the mix instead of all AP flour.  It made for a little more chewyness.

I won’t put the recipe – you really need to get Deb’s book – but it is a basic  buttermilk biscuit recipe with 3 slices of crispy bacon and 1/4 cup maple sugar mixed in. Good Stuff!!!

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