If you live in the South you will find Chicken Fried Steak on just about any menu.  It is usually served with a white pepper gravy and filled with lots of calories.  It is delicious, as most fried foods are.  There’s just something about frying food….

With so many calories it is hard to enjoy too often without guilt unless you are pencil thin, which I am not!!  Thank goodness for Ellie who has come up with a recipe that has about 1/2 the fat with 100% of the flavor.  Her recipe calls for ‘frying’ cube steak in only 1 1/2 Tbl of oil and dipping the steak in a mix of egg, egg white, hot sauce, and low fat milk before dredging in just a little whole wheat pastry flour seasoned with paprika, salt, and pepper. All of this means a saving of about 100 calories.


You’re welcome!

This was good.  It didn’t taste any different than my regular steak but I didn’t feel as guilty eating it.  Keeper!!

The theme this week, thanks to Gaye, is Marvelous Meat so check out what else is on the menu.

The recipe is from Comfort Food Fix and is on page 142.