Peggy likes to eat Breakfast for Dinner. And since it was her turn to pick the weekly theme for Eating with Ellie we are all eating Breakfast for Dinner.

I also like the comfort of breakfast foods on some nights.  Nights where it is cold out side and a nice big breakfast is just the thing.  Or if lunch was big.  Or just because.  We do it often.

This night we had Ellie’s Banana-Walnut Pecan Multigrain Pancakes.


I have always liked toasted pecans in waffles and pancakes so I subbed those in instead of the walnuts.  I had never thought of adding banana slices in as well.  Good idea.  What you end up with is a nice, sweet, healthy (multigrain) slice of yum.  The maple syrup adds just he right amount of sweet.  Definitely doing this again.  Although, I think I will cut the banana into smaller pieces so they are more evenly distributed through the batter.

The recipe is on page 37 of Ellie’s Comfort Food Fix.  And it’s HERE, too.

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