If you have ever watched Good Eats you know that Alton is all about technique and science rather than the actual recipe.  Thank goodness!  Because while I followed the technique for this turnover I wasn’t exactly thrilled with his filling.  Also, thank goodness, he said we could fill these turnovers with anything we wanted.

The recipe is labeled Salmon Turnovers and I love salmon but mixed with sour pickle relish – not so much.  {I did later try one with sweet pickle relish and it was pretty tasty!}


These made a great lunch.  I also made a couple with steak, cheese, and peppers and eggs and ham and cheese.  It’s all about the puff!

The recipe is from Alton’s Good: Eats The Early Years  on page 247.

The recipe is also on FoodTV – HERE!

This was the last recipe for CookBook Countdown with Alton Brown.  I still have plenty left and four more of his books.  And it’s all GOOD EATS!!

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