When I chose this week’s theme for Eating with Ellie I was thinking cheese, tomato sauce, sausage, mushrooms, cheese (yeah, more), and just about every other ingredient except what I ended up with.

Cheese, yes.  But no sauce?  Topped with spinach and an egg?  No, that never entered my mind.

Let’s see, on the other hand – a pizza I can eat for breakfast {Other than left over cold which I do love}?  Yeah, I can go with that.  On a whole wheat crust. Healthy AND fun!


Loved this one.  A nice runny (Sorry, Kayte) on top of some lovely prosciutto with lots of Parmesan.  Yes, Please!

The only change – instead of using a store bought pizza crust I made my own.  You could use any of the whole wheat flour crust recipes you have.  And while the ones you buy are pre-baked.  You can bake yours as you make the pizza – one step!  (Which I did NOT do and my crust was WAY too crispy.)

Recipe is online – Egg, Ham, and Spinach Pizza

It looks like most of the Ellie Eaters picked an ‘out of the box’ (no pun intended) pizza. Check them out at Eating with Ellie.