Not just any Fruity Salad but Fruity Chicken Chopped Salad.  Yes, ANOTHER chicken salad but what can you expect when it is a 1000 degrees outside and you want need something cool to eat. And this one was perfect.  Well, almost.


A wonderful mix of greens, roasted chicken, and oranges with an oj  vinaigrette.  The recipe also called for pomegranate arials but they were not available.  I would have liked that little pop of flavor.  I did add some W30 compliant dried cranberries and they were tasty in the salad.

The reason I say almost perfect is because I didn’t care much for the  vinaigrette.  It didn’t have much flavor.  I will figure out how to fix it because I really did enjoy the salad.

The recipe is from Fast and Easy  (page 26) which is the latest W30 cookbook.  Kayte will get to it eventually – this is Fair Week in Indy.

While we will not be posting the actual recipes from the book (we encourage you to honor the author and to buy the book so that you can own the recipes yourselves), we will share our photos and  ingredients and comments on each. If you would like to join in, just leave the link to your post so we can come and read all about it.  Even if you aren’t eating Whole 30ish, the recipes and food are wonderful and fit into any meal plan.