Today is Wednesday. That means its time to cook/bake from Donna Hay’s recipes. I have a tea coming up this weekend so I thought I would be efficient and kill two scones with one oven. (SORRY!)

The recipe is here. And if you look at my scones and then hers you will notice a difference. I always cut my scones into wedges. And I added some fresh cranberries. I needed those for the tea and I didn’t think Donna would mind. I baked mine a little longer so they are a little browner. I also sprinkled a litte turbinado sugar on them.

They are quite nice. Soft in the middle and crispy on the outside. Perfect with some clotted cream and jam.

More WWDH:

Kayte made Chocolate Almond Crackle look so tasty


Gaye made Spiced Walnut Caramels which look wonderful

Both of these are goin on my Christmas Treat Trays this year.