Today is Thursday. That means it is time for another episode of Eating with Ellie. Recipes from Ellie Krieger.

Kayte, Peggy, Gaye and I have revived this weekly cooking group. We have always loved Ellie’s recipes and missed cooking with them.

This week I chose to make Chicken Romesco.

Grilled chicken topped with a tasty tomato pepper sauce. The pepper is roasted red pepper. I didn’t have any so I used yellow instead. I don’t think it affected the taste. Red and yellow peppers are equally sweet. I would, if you don’t like really spicy, cut the paprika down a smidgeon.

I did enjoy this sauce. I only used about 1/3 of it on a single breast. I get to enjoy two more meals from this recipe. The recipe is on page 153 of Ellie’s weeknight wonders

See what the other girls chose to cook this week.




If you want to join in the cooking just cook, blog, and leave a message with one of us.