Today I needed a sweet for the Hub’s sweet tooth. Ellie doesn’t do a lot of sweets in her cookbooks but I did find her Little Devil’s Food Cupcakes. Perfect for a small snack except I made them regular sized rather than minis. Recipe says 24. I got 12 regulars. I would have given him 2 at a time anyway…

These come together very simply and have a simple chocolate ganache as a frosting. The squiggle on top reminds me of the Hostess cupcakes I enjoyed as a child (and as an adult!!).

The cuppys are not real sweet but the chocolate ganache and the squiggle add just enough sweetness to make these quite tasty.

The recipe is from Ellie Krieger’s Comfort Food Fix (page 264)

I also found the recipe HERE. But it is a little different. In the book Ellie does not use the butter.

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