Banana Maple Syrup Muffins are on the menu today. I made them for last Sunday’s after church social and didn’t have many left to bring home.

I love making muffins. Super simple and you don’t have to frost them. I sometimes add a simple streusel as I did to some of these.

(I have looked for the picture and it is nowhere to be found. Sorry)

When I first took them from the oven and and let them cool just enough to taste I wasn’t that impressed. They were awfully bland. I was disappointed. But the cooler they became the more the flavors of the banana and maple syrup came through. The bananas are added in chunks so there are little pieces of banana throughout the muffin. The syrup… not so much. I would add more maple syrup next time.

These are perfect for a quick simple sweet treat, but not too sweet.

You can find them on page 167 of Donna Hay’s the new cook.

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