IF you are like me you rarely have alligator3-183x91 meat in the freezer.  Who am I kidding? Nobody has alligator meat in the freezer! Unless you live down in Bayou Country around the Atchafalaya River or down in the delta region.

But I had some just at the right time because I have friends who have friends who have friends who live in Bayou Country.  And I had one piece of Gator Tail in the freezer.  Just enough to make something really different.



I have only had ‘gator’ a couple of times.  Fried on a Stick at a Festival and this dish at a local restaurant.  Down here it is NOT a delicacy or an exotic food.  It is just food.  And it looks like pork.

If you haven’t had ‘gator’ meat it is a very mild tasting meat.  That means it absorbs the flavors of what ever you put on it or put it in.  But you have to be careful.  The fat, and there is usually lots of fat, must be trimmed as much as possible because that is where the gamey taste is.  If you have tail meat it cooks up well on the grill or fried.

The sauce was sooooo good.  Lots of onion, celery, bell pepper, garlic and spices.  But, first, you have to make a roux.  That is the start of most Louisiana ‘stew like’ dishes.  Heat up 1/2 cup oil.  Add 1/2 cup AP flour and brown while stirring CONSTANTLY!!! If you have a good roux your dish will be perfect.

I am hoping my friend of a friend of a friend brings me more.  I want to try Blackened Gator.

The recipe is on page 78 of the May/June 2014 issue but it is also on the La Cookin’ website.

This is part of Cookbook Countdown.  I am cooking this month from the magazine “Louisiana Cookin'”.

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