In the Deep South we have very very hot summers. It’s not unusual for the highs to be in the upper 90s to lower 100s in July, August, and even into September. Any way you can find to stay cool is always a plus. Cold beverages are on top of the list. Usually cold sweet tea. Gallons of it. But now I have a new way to refresh.

    Sweet Lassi

Jaffrey says, “…lassi…(is) often served after vigorous games of tennis, badminton” because it is very refreshing. And she is right. It was more refreshing than I thought it would be, even on a cool day like today.

    4 fl oz plain yogurt
    12 fl oz ice cold water
    1 1/2 Tbs sugar
    1/4 tsp rose essence (optionl)

Combine all ingredients in the container of an electric blender and blend for 3 seconds. Pur into two glasses and serve. This drink should be made several hours ahead of time and stored, covered in the refrigerator. It should be served very cold. Stir before serving.

How simple is that. Tea needs to be boiled. A Lassi just needs to be blended and it’s done.

I did make one minor change….I used some Orange Creme flavored yogurt rather than plain. Not a big fan of plain yogurt.

This recipe came from The Madhur Jaffrey Cookbook (page 406).Add in case you didn’t know – the theme this week for IHCC is yogurt. First month of cooking with Jaffrey and 5 more to go. Next week: Relishes , Chutneys, and Pickles.