Baking From My Home To Yours

WHEW!! I really didn’t think I would get a post up today. Halfway through the morning I realized it was Tuesday and I had not baked in almost a week!! What IS my problem?? So on went the oven, out came the measuring cups.

I have been trying to do all the catch-ups in month and date order – not year – but it looks like it isn’t going to happen this time. I just didn’t have the ingredients or wasn’t in the mood for something – like making brioche dough – so these are July recipes just not by date – sorta kinda!

Scones are always welcome. I had missed these…

Chestnut Pecan Scones from July 19, 2011 and the only reason I had not made them on a rewind was because of the chestnut flour. Not available unless I wanted to purchase at least 3 pounds and all I needed was 3/4 cup. Following the lead of other bakers I used another nut – pecans – and made some flour/meal.

OH! MY! GOODNESS! These were so sweet and delicious and nutty and…Shucks! They were just good!! They didn’t need any butter or jam. They were perfect alone. And crunchy! And sweet. Wait!! I said that already…..

There was only one problem when I decided to make these. I gave up sugar about a month ago. I love scones. I would eat them all the time, but the sugar….. So I made them with Splenda and they came out just fine!!

This was chosen by Andrea of Andrea in the Kitchen. Andrea lives in Australia and while it was hot and NOT chestnut season here it was cold and wintery in Australia. Maybe some day I will find chestnut flour and make these the right way. Until then they are tasty made with pecans.


I was on a roll so after making (and devouring several) scones I went for the

    Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler

picked by Amanda of Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake July 22, 2008.

I got smart back in April during Rhubarb season and bought enough rhubarb for this cobbler and the Strawberry-Rhubarb Double Crisp. And I had bought a pound of cherries only a week ago so I was ready. Until I looked in the fridge and found all I had left was about 1/4 pound of cherries. HMMmm!! Wonder who ate those…..

Anyway, it was enough to make a single serving cobbler (1/4 recipe) in 4 inch bowl. Which B ate after lunch today. I get ONE bite and it was quite good. NOT real sweet but not real tart with the rhubarb. The topping is made with AP and whole wheat flour which gave it a nutty flavor. both the filling and the topping contained ginger and that added a real kick to the treat. The whole cobbler fits in an 8″ x 8″ pan and is topped with several balls of dough. Yes, balls. After putting all the ingredients together it is formed into loose balls and placed on top of the cherry/rhubarb filling. 1/4 of the topping mixture was more than enough to make 3 small balls and have some left over. I will have to make this again. Next year. When rhubarb comes back into season.

The recipes for these two delightful treats can be found on Amanda’s and Andrea’s blogs. If you have Dorie’s book – Baking from My Home to Yours, the scones are on page 34 and the cobble on page 415.

Today is Tuesday. And while I should be talking about Biscotti I decided to to some more catch-up instead. And I really wasn’t in the mood for biscotti which is what the BwJ Bakers were making for today!!

I love scones so when I saw that there were two scone recipes I missed these were high on my list. Unfortunately the first ones underwhelmed me.

    Apple Cheddar Scones

Sorry, Dorie, but these were pretty bland. I used sharp cheddar cheese but I really couldn’t taste the cheese. I used the dried apple, chopped fine, but they ended up being little tough nuggets in the scones. Next time I would use pieces of fresh apple. I served the scones with some Honey Apple Butter we picked up on our last camping trip. Good stuff.

There was this little stand….

…on the side of the road. Anyway, the butter was perfect with these scones.

1/2 of the recipe gave me about 6 really good sized scones. Thanks to The Floured Apron who loves breakfast and choose these for us to bake July 1, 2008. You can find the recipe on her blog and on page 32 of Dorie’s book.


July 8, 2008, was Blueberry Pie Day!! I have to confess I have never made blueberry Pie. In fact I have never even HAD Blueberry Pie. I KNOW!! I really wasn’t a blueberry fan until recently. Boy, I didn’t know what I was missing. We planted some plants this summer but they really haven’t produced yet. We visited a Farmer’s Market last week and these big, fat, sweet, juicy berries were calling my name!! I had forgotten all about the pie until I got home. It was fate!!

I cannot begin to describe how excellent this pie is. Sweet and creamy. I was afraid it was going to be runny but by the time time pie cooled it was just right!! The berries have everything to do with the way this pie turns out. If we had bought the berries that were tasteless and mealy the pie would have been AWFUL!! But with good berries – good pie! Delicious Pie!! Repeat soon Pie!! Amy….

….GREAT PICK!! Amy has South in Your Mouth and the recipe is on her lovely blog. (Page 361 in BFMHTY) As usualy, I made 1/2 of the recipe and that gave me three 5″ mini pies. This is definitely in our top FIVE from Dorie’s book.

June 17, 2008 found the Bakers of Tuesdays with Dorie making a Peppermint Cream Ring. And all of the ones made were lovely! Beautiful puffs of pastry filled with wonderful pastry cream and topped with ganache.

      NOT MINE!!

I have had semi-failures before. It happens. But I have never had a TOTAL FAIL!! Please don’t judge my baking skills (thanks to TWD) based on this ONE dessert!! PLEASE!!

Fail 1: The puff pastry didn’t puff so I couldn’t slice it in two

Fail 2: After piping the pastry cream on to the ONE layer of puff pastry it collapsed completely!

Fail 3: The glaze ‘joined’ the pastry cream in escaping the puff pastry.

It was an ingredient conspiracy!! BUT…

It did taste good. The only redeeming feature!!

Fortunately I only made 1/2 and it was just for us.

The only change I made was to make a lemon pastry cream. And it would have been quite good – if it hadn’t collapsed!! BAH HUMBUG!!

It was a good pick from Caroline of A Consuming Passion and I CAN make puff pastry, but not this time!! Hers was lovely!!

Page 290 of BFMHTY


There are so many of Dorie’s treats that are super simple. There are quite a few that aren’t. And some LOOK complicated, but are not really!! Such it is with this treat!

    Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise

Each of the four components are really easy, it just takes a while to put the whole thing together. 3 Meringue sheets. Toasted Coconut. Broiled pineapple. White Chocolate Ganache. Since the components have to cool it may take several hours to complete the whole thing. But, believe me, the whole thing is well worth it. The crispy meringue. The toasted coconut. The sweet ganache. The roasted pineapple all come together beautifully.

The recipe called for almonds in the meringue but I used the last of mine for a torte earlier in the day so I used pecans instead. Worked out just fine!!! AND I couldn’t find a decent fresh pineapple so I used canned slices. They may be a little sweeter than necessary, but they worked out just fine, too. The only mistake I made was to over mix the white chocolate ganache. But when life gets in the way you do the best you can. The USP man showed up at the door and I forgot to turn off the mixer. Ah, well. It is the taste that counts!! Right?

The group made this on June 23, 2009. It was chosen by Andrea of Andrea in the Kitchen who is located in Australia. {One of the great things about this group is that we have bakers ALL OVER THE WORLD!!}

You can find the recipe on Andrea’s blog and on page 293 of Dorie’s book.


If you want a super simple to make dessert, Dorie’s Cobbler is the one for you.

    Mixed Berry Cobbler

What do you need?
5 cups of mixed fruit – fresh or frozen {I used blackberries and blueberries from our garden mixed with a few fresh strawberries}
That’s it. That’s all there is to the filling. And that is simply tossed into a 9″ deep dish pie plate and topped with a simple crust. I mixed up my crust in the processor (flour, butter, cream with salt and baking powder)and it worked out fine.

Since I was making only 1/2 of the recipe I used my little white cups and used the biscuit cutter to make circles of the crust.

1/2 of the biscuit topping was more than enough for the three cups so now I have extra to use on another cobbler. Probably this one, again!!

The only change I would make next time would be to sprinkle some sugar on the biscuit topping prior to baking. We topped it with vanilla ice cream while it was still warm. YUM!!

Chosen by Beth of Sweet Life Kitchen for the June 24, 2008, pick.

Page 416 of Dorie’s BFMHTY. The recipes for these treats are also on the hostess’ blog.

While there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Chocolate and Strawberries together in this case they appear in two different treats from Dorie for Tuesdays with Dorie.

June 3, 2008.

    French Chocolate Brownies

Why FRENCH chocolate? Dorie’s Story: She made a chocolate cake while in Paris. When she carried them out to her guests…”I was greeted by a chorus of ‘Oh, Brownies — splendide.’” So they stayed Brownies even after a Parisian Pastry Chef asked for the recipe!

These are chewy, fudgy, delicious!! All 64 square inches of them {8 x 8 pan}

What makes these brownies a little unusual is the inclusion of cinnamon and raisins. While not a fan of raisins I did put them in, just not as many, and they gave a little extra depth to the bites with them. And the cinnamon, while barely there {1/8 tsp}, was still part of the flavor!!

Thank you, Di, for a great pic (her first of two!)


LIKE I said – there is nothing wrong with Chocolate and Strawberries and in this dessert they were together!. [May 10, 2008] It wasn’t what Dorie called for when she included La Palette’s Strawberry Tart in BFMHTY but I dont’ think she will mind if I used a chocolate tart crust!!!

Whatever crust you use you end up with a surprisingly simple but extremely elegant dessert.

The strawberries are simply tossed with a little sugar, some liqueur {Dorie suggests kirsch but I used Creme d’Almond}, spooned over the crust which has been spread with Strawberry Jam and Voila – instant elegance!! Topped with Crème fraîchewhipped cream with a little Creme d’Almond it was wonderful!

The only REAL measurement in the entire recipe is the crust which is 9″. The rest of it is loose and really left up to the baker. Since I am only making mini’s these days I used Dorie’s 5″ Chocolate Shortbread Tart Crust (page 446). Like I said – Chocolate and Strawberries!!!

The recipe for the tart is on page 374 of Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours. And many, many thanks to Marie of A Year from Oak Cottage for this choice {and a GREAT blog to read!}. So easy. So delicious!!

There were 5 treats I missed for May over the four years. So three more for my next Catch-Up post!!

Brioche dough is soft and silky and wonderful to work with. The TWD group made the Brioche Loaves in August 2011. It was my choice and I remember how lovely the dough was. The two selections I am posting today both use that same Brioche Dough.

    Pecan Honey Sticky Buns

There is no way I can describe how GOOD these were. They didn’t last long in this house. 1/2 of the recipe resulted in 11 buns. These are actually cinnamon rolls which are baked in a layer of pecans and caramel. The pan is flipped over to cool and the sweet, nutty glaze is on top of the buns. These are probably the best cinnamon rolls I have made in a long time. Not just because of the glaze but because of the brioche dough. It is soft and buttery. Chosen by Madame Chow of Madam Chow’s Kitchen the group made these May 27, 2008. The recipe is on her blog.


The other selection that used this Brioche dough was the Brioche Raisin Snails from March 18, 2008. I decided to wait and post these with the Sticky Buns so I could make the dough and have enough for both. 1/2 of the Brioche recipe was enough to make 1/2 of each of these selections.

Cinnamon rolls with Rum flamed Raisins and a sweet glaze. While Dorie called for raisins I used dried cranberries instead. I am just NOT a big fan of raisins. They worked out very well. I soaked and flamed them the same way Dorie suggested with the raisins. I wasn’t sure how they would work so I only put them in 1/2 of the buns. Now I wish I had gone all the way with them. The dough is spread with a pastry cream, sprinkled with cranberries, a cinnamon sugar mix and rolled up and sliced to bake. Like the Sticky Buns I made them in a small 8″ x 8″ pan and ended up with 9 rolls. The pastry cream sort of melted into the dough giving it a wonderful soft interior. Way good!! But not quite as good as the Sticky Buns. I would definitely make both of them again – often!! Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody chose this one. Thanks, Peabody, for making me learn to make Pastry Cream (pg 448) and making me practice, and I need lots, drizzling.

That almost takes care of May’s TWD picks. Well, almost. I still have the Tirimisu (May 5, 2009) to make. Guess there will be a catch-up catch-up.

The Sticky Buns are on page 51 and the Snails on page 56 of Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours.

Okay. How many of you actually remember that movie?

The old one with Spencer Tracey, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Ethel Merman, Jonathan Winters, Mickey Rooney, Buddy Hackett, Phil Silvers, and an additional cast of THOUSANDS!!! Or am I really showing my age here??

The plot of the movie is the pursuit of hidden treasure in the form of $350,000. A lot of money 49 years ago. {It was remade in 2001 under the title “RatRace” with a prize of $2 million and it was not nearly as funny.}

This month I had my own pursuit for hidden treasure. The ability to make a decent MADELEINE. Over the four years of Tuesdays with Dorie the bakers made 4 different types of Mads. I missed out on three of them. And the ones I did make were some really horrible looking Blobs made in a really bad, CHEAP pan!! At that time, Jan 2011, I said I would get a decent pan. I did. And the results are MUCH MUCH MUCH better!!

Not all three are in May, but I decided to do them all together.

May 20, 2008, Traditional Madeleines {on the right} was the choice of Tara of Smells Like Home and she was right, they are very easy to overcook even when you start with a cold pan AND cold batter!!

The traditional mads are a sweet little sponge cake made into a cookie. The pan gives them a lovely scalloped shape that makes them a beautiful cookie to share and show off. I did discover that it is better to UNDER fill the pan rather than simply fill the pan. I like the edges better on the smaller ones.

November 8, 2011 found us baking Mads again. This time Mini-Madeleines {middle ones} chosen by my friend Di of Di’s Kitchen Notebook. Her daughter, Brianna, was intrigued by this cookie because her middle name is Madeline. No, her daughter was NOT named after a cookie but rather after her Italian Grandmother.

You will notice that my Mini’s are not mini but full sized. I only have the one full sized pan {maybe I need to remedy that!}. I baked them for a minute more than the Traditional mads and they came out just a little over done.

Lastly on this MAD-cap baking marathon I made my favorite of the four – Earl Grey Madeleines {left ones} which were chosen for us by Nicole of Bakeologie on December 6, 2011. What a great idea to put tea IN the cookie!! I had some Cream Earl Grey in the cabinet from The Metropolitan Tea Company which has a hint of cream the the additional flowery flavor of cornflowers.

It is one of my favorite teas. I would like to try these with Masala Chai and a Christmas Spiced tea. There are all kinds of flavors you could play with for these madeleines.

So there you have it. Three different Madeleines from Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours. The recipes are similar but just different enough to change the flavor. The Mini’s use brown sugar while the others don’t. All three use lemon zest. The Minis and Earl Grey mads use honey. Just different enough!!

The recipes are all posted on each host’s website. Go out, buy a pan, and make these delightful little sponge cookies.

I’m sorry!

    What month did you say it was? MAY!! How did that happen. Didn’t we just have Christmas? New Years?

Time just flies by!! Too quickly sometimes! But we make the best of it….

And we do that by BAKING! Lots and lots of baking! At least I do because I am doing TWD catch-ups. At least there are 5 Tuesdays this month. Two reserved for Baking with Julia, the NEW TWD! And three for catch-ups. WHEW!

In 1958 I was living just outside Liverpool (you know, BEATLE City!) We had a huge house in a little village (Rainhill) and there was a garden in the backyard. In that garden we had RHUBARB. Lots of RHUBARB! I remember liking it as an 8 year old but that was lots of years ago. Did I still like it? Only one way to find out!

      Strawberry-Rhubarb Double Crisp

I have to admit I didn’t expect to like this. I tasted the Rhubarb before slicing it up and putting it on the crust and it was NOT what I remembered. But in the crisp it added a touch of tart to the sweetness of the strawberries. Admittedly, I did not use as much as Dorie called for (1 lb) but it was enough to taste the tartness. The sliced rhubarb is scattered over the bottom crisp layer, covered by a sweet strawberry filling over which another layer of crisp is scattered. YUM!! is all I have to say. The ginger (but not the crystallized) added a certain amount of zing to the crisp and cuts back on the sweetness of the filling. It. Was. Good! And just because – I added a slightly sweet gingered whipped cream on top. I liked that!! Just enough ginger to compliment the ginger in the crisp.

This crisp was selected in April 12, 20ll by Sarah of Teapots and Cakestands where you can find the recipe. Or find it on page 420 of BFMHTY.
BTW this is a double catch-up because it WAS an April recipe but there was not rhubarb to be found in April.


Now! May!
May 6th, 2008, the TWD group all came together over a Peanut Butter Torte.

Imagine a fluffy Peanut Butter Mousse filled with chopped peanuts, flavored with espresso, poured into an Oreo Cookie crumb crust flavored with nutmeg and cinnamon, topped with chocolate ganache and you have this torte!! OH! MY! HEAVEN! IF you like PB and IF you like Chocolate, that is!
As is the case, the espresso served only to heighten the taste of the chocolate. And since the cinnamon and nutmeg are in the crust it doesn’t overpower the mousse itself. The SIL said it tasted like a PB Cup. I think it is MUCH more than that! MUCH MORE!! Definitely a repeat here.

I made 1/2 of the recipe and it fit nicely into a 5″ springform with just a tad left over for, eh…. tasting!! Yeah, that’s it. TASTING!!

Thank you, Elizabeth of Ugg Smell Food, great choice. Elizabeth’s page is no longer available, but I did find the recipe on Susan’s blog. And it is on page 282 of Dorie’s BFMHTY.


May 13, 2008, TWD visited Florida – kinda – with a wonderful lime and coconut pie chosen by Dianne of Dianne’s Dishes

      Florida Pie

What we have here is a creamy lime meringue pie combined with a creamy coconut layer on the bottom. Can you imagine the combo – lime and coconut (Yeah, I know. You are singing the song, too! So were all the other TWD bakers on this one!!!) The coconut layer added a little ‘chew’ to the pie. The lime was faintly there and just the perfect level of tartness for the sweet coconut. Coconut is also mixed into the meringue. Everyone liked this one!

1/2 of the recipe resulted in two 6″ mini pies. Just right for two people.

Look on page 340 of BFMHTY for Dorie’s recipe. And you can find the recipe on Dianne’s blog.

And so comes the end of April and just enough time to post three of the four recipes left from the the four years of Tuesdays with Dorie. After reviewing the April recipes I discovered I only had seven left to finish. The first post in April contained 3. Here are three more!

April 15, 2008, found the bakers making an item that most of us usually buy in plastic bags –


If you have never made your own marshmallows you should do it at least once. It is an interesting experience. I made plain marshmallows but Dorie gives instructions for Chocolate, Raspberry, Cappuccino, and Pumpkin Spice variations. (I think the Pumpkin ones will be around in the fall!) Guess what?? They TASTE like marshmallows. Well, DUH! you say – but I really wasn’t expecting them too. Really!!! And I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with a batch of marshmallows. Lucky for me it was pretty chilly the night I made them and so into some Hot Chocolate they went!

They melted much quicker than the plastic bag version and that was a good thing. Now, I need a brownie recipe that uses marshmallows….

While reading through the recipe I saw that there was a tablespoon of sugar listed in the ingredients but never listed in the instructions. I cannot count how many times I reread the recipe. Highlighted the ingredients as they were used in the recipe. It was a mystery!! But Judy solved the mystery in a later post. Thanks Judy for coming through for us.

This recipe was Judy’s choice of Judy’s Gross Eats . You can find he recipe on her blog.


If you like figs and/or polenta then the dessert of April 29th of 2008 should be perfect for you. Check out Dorie’s Fluted Polenta and Ricotta Cake

This was a big hit here. I was really hesitant about making this one because I don’t like figs. We have fig trees. I let the birds eat them. And even though B will eat them, he really isn’t a fan. But I went ahead and made the whole cake because I was curious about the polenta and what it would do to a cake. It did wonderful things to the cake. I loved the texture – a little crunchy but soft -and mixed with the honey, lemon zest and ricotta the cake was delightfully sweet. I did TRY a fig in the cake and even though I still don’t care for them it really wasn’t bad. Dorie suggested dried Mission or Kadota figs but all I could find was Malmyrna. Those worked just fine. WHEN I make this again (because I loved the cake part) it will the cut the figs into small pieces. REALLY small pieces!!

The only problem I had with the cake was the size of the pan and the amount of batter. The cake us supposed to be made in a 10.5″ tart pan and the biggest I had was an 8″. I put entirely too much batter in. Thank goodness it was on a cookie sheet with a silicone mat.

Thanks to Caitlin of Engineer Baker for this one. Made me try something new and find a new flavor I really like. And her cake is so beautifully perfect!! BTW did I mention the Lemony Whipped Cream I topped the cake with? O Yeah!!


For TWD on April 14, 2009, we were making Holly’s choice -

As many of you know I live in a small town and as such don’t have access to many ‘different’ ingredients. In this case – Amaretti – which are small crunchy almond macaroons from Italy. Italy is far removed from Podunk USA so I had to find a substitute. That sub came in the form of mini almond biscotti. They still had the almond flavor and still provided the interesting crunch found in the torte. Topped with some almond whipped cream and shaved chocolate it WAS the elegant European dessert Dorie graced us with.

This cake was rich in chocolate flavor and perfect for a quick dessert since the whole cake is made in the food processor. Yes! Perfect!! topped with a rich chocolate glaze it is a chocolate lover’s dream. Thanks for this choice, Holly!!


There IS one more April recipe but until I can find RHUBARB it will have to wait!!

And lucky for me May has five Tuesdays. Two for Baking with Julia and three for TWD2. And only 6 catch-ups. WHEW!! Slowing down a tad!!

April is going to be a busy month of baking. Since 2008 when The TWD Group started I have missed 9 of the recipes. I will try VERY hard to finish them this month. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

April 1, 2008, the bakers made Dorie’s Gooey Chocolate Cake. Basically it is the Molten Chocolate Cake that was so very popular years ago. I made one, once, years ago. This is the first one since then. The recipe is made in muffin cups which means everyone gets there own little chocolate cupcake with a warm liquid chocolate center. Unless they are made in MY kitchen.

I used a cupcake bundt pan and baked them for only 10 minutes. When we cut into them they were warm and wonderful…

….and SOLID!!!

    Lava fail!! Lava fail!!

But delicious with a touch of whipped cream on top. I will try those again.

The cake was chosen by Leigh of Lemon Tartlet where you can find the recipe. Or on page 261 of Dorie’s book.


From Warm Chocolate Cake we go to Ice Cream.

      Coffee PB Cup Ice Cream Tart

Dorie gave us lots of leeway with this Ice Cream Tart. While it was supposed to be made with coffee store bought ice cream I am not a coffee fan so I went with another variation. Using Dorie’s Vanilla Ice Cream base I made ice cream and tossed in some chopped PB Cup minis. Dorie made her crust with almonds but says we could use other nuts so I went with Honey Roasted Peanuts. Since the peanuts are salted I left out the salt called for in the recipe. THIS. WAS. GOOD. And so easy. Make a crust, throw in some ice cream and call it delicious.

Thanks to Jessica of Domestic Deep Thought for her cool pick. TWD made this on April 5, 2011. And after looking at Jessica’s tart I realized I forgot the layer of chocolate on the bottom of the tart. GOOD reason to make it again!Dorie’s tart recipe is on page 358 of BFMHTY on Jessica’s blog.


April 8th, 2008, was the day TWD bakers made Mary of Starting From Scratch‘s pick of this buttery Lemon Tart…

    The Most Extraordinary French Lemon Cream Tart

THIS was a very BUTTERY tart. VERY Buttery!! I served it with a little raspberry coulie

Dorie says to chill the custard filling until ready for use. I did that and it turned hard. I had to bring it to room temp plus in order to put it into the crust. Not sure what I did wrong, but…..

The butter flavor overpowered the lemon flavor. Again, I am not sure where I went wrong. Still good tho’! Mary’s blog is no longer live but you can find the recipe on several blogs including Ashley’s Eat Me Delicious or on page 331 of The Book.

Still catching up with the Dorie Recipes I missed over the last four years. I had three left for March but only managed to complete two.

    Soft Chocolate And Raspeberry Tart

Chosen for March 16, 2010, by Rachelle of Mommy! I’m Hungry, it is a soft pudding in a sweet crust which is filled with fresh raspberries. We loved the pudding but didn’t care for it with the raspberries. Probably because we are just not raspberry fans.

I made the whole recipe which resulted in 3 – 4″ mini tarts and one ramekin of just pudding.

You can find the recipe on Rachelle’s blogor on page 354 of Dorie’s BFMHTY


From March 22, 2011, we have…

    Honey Nut Brownies.

My order from KAF came in just in time for these brownies. KAF has some 4″ give-a-way containers. I used two of those and two silicone cupcake sleeves for 1/2 of the brownie recipe. What gives these brownies their distinctive flavor ( and their name) is the honey. You can definitely taste the honey and it mixed well with the nut mix (almonds and pecans). The only problem was the overly sweetness of the brownie. 1/2 of a brownie was more than enough. Was still good.

This brownie was chosen by Suzy of Suzy Homemaker and you can find the recipe on her blog or on page 102 of Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours.

The recipe I didn’t get to is the Brioche Raisin Snails (March 18, 2008) on page 56/57. I won’t skip it.


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