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Today is the 15th of the month. That means one of two things. It is payday. Or it’s MSC cup cake day. Since I didn’t get a check in the mail, it must be that cup cake thing. January’s ‘Flavor of the Month’ for the MSC is Coconut Cupcakes. One of my favorite flavors. But just one.

I had made these a few months ago when Martha’s cupcake book, which mysteriously showed up in I stole from eh, BORROWED from my Mom to use. The Man does love his coconut, so I made them for him – and him alone — LOLOLOLOL.

But since this month the cupcake was chosen by Jennifer at Cinama Cupcakes I just HAD to make them again.

But to make them a little different I used Martha’s Coconut Pecan Frosting.

Did it make a difference. OH. YEAH!!! Talk about flavor. This was way better than using the coconut version of the Seven Minute Frosting.Not that THAT one wasn’t good with the toasted coconut on top, but….

Anyway, check out the other members of and see how they liked Jenn’s pick. You’ll be glad you did!!


Today is November 15th. And I am just barely making it under the wire for two Cup Cake Baking “Assignments”.

heroMS Cupcakes Club_edited-4


      MSC Club “Assignment” – Candied Sweet Potato Cup Cakes:

    These were really good cup cakes with a nice sweet potato flavor. The only changes I made were to up the spices. The ‘frosting’ is a mound of mini-marshmellows which you can brown with a torch (which I don’t have) or place under the broiler and then sprinkle with candied pecans. I have to admit I didn’t really care for this topping. I tried using Marshmellow Fluff, but it melted under the broiler. Guess I will work on that ‘frosting’. If I were to have a top list of the cuppys so far in Martha’s book this would definitely be on the list. Thanks to Karen of Karen’s Cakes, Cookies and More for this month’s pick.


      November Cup Cake Hero: Secret Ingredient – Peanut Butter

      First – sorry about the photo. I had lost the light by the time I finished these. If I get a chance in the a.m. I will do another.

      One of my favorite things to make is Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge so I thought I would carry that over to these cup cakes. As long as they had PB, we had pretty much free reign to do anything with them. So I made Martha’s Stewarts One Bowl Chocolate Cup Cakes and added a swirl of Peanut butter Frosting to the mix. Yes, you read that right. I added frosting to the mix and swirled it gently into the batter. The PB frosting is also from MS – Creamy PB Frosting. It added a hint of PB to the cup cakes. Just a hint. I then used the same frosting to put on TOP of the cuppys and sprinkled with chopped Reese’s Pieces. Just right. The cup cakes are dark and dense and delicious.DSC04538

      This has been a cup cake extravaganza week for me. Before I made the MSC and Cup Cake Hero I had made cup cakes for my daughter’s Baby Shower – only 75 of them – but they kept me busy. Used Martha’s One Bowl Chocolate Cup Cakes and White Cup Cakes.

      DSC04525I just used the Wilton’s Butter Cream Frosting tinted or striped pink. Little trinkets on top. My daughter liked them and that was all that mattered.

      I think I am ‘cup caked’ out for a while.

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