It hasn’t been that long since I discovered hummus and discovered that I really like it. It is good with just about everything – pita, veggies, chips, chicken – so when Sarah chose the loaded hummus plate for this weeks Eating with Ellie I knew I wouldn’t pass it up.

If you have the ingredients hummus is easy to make: chick peas, tahini, lemon, EVOO, cumin. I have just found tahini locally. The good stuff not the American made. I have made it myself but it is a lot of work and really not as good. It is probably the hardest ingredient to find in Podunk, USA. Ellie has hers served with pita, cucumber spears, radishes, eggs, and romaine lettuce. I am NOT a radish fan so just subbed in some carrot sticks instead.


The only thing I did that the recipe did’t call for was to remove the skins from the chick peas. Tho’ it is tedious and takes a while it makes for a much smoother hummus so it is well worth the effort. To ‘peel’ the peas you may simply rub them between your palms and the skins slip off – well most of them anyway. You can simply pinch the peas and the skins also slide right off. I liked this hummus. I will make it often since it is so easy – but next time I want to add some roasted red pepper (my fave hummus).

Tee recipe is on page 236 of Ellie’s Weeknight Wonders.

And check with the other “Eaters” to see how they liked this simple delicious hummus.