Summer is usually the season for lots and lots of salads. There is plenty of fresh veggies to add to that bowl of lettuce or greens. So, when the IHCC theme came up SALADS {and Vinegrettes} I knew there would be some good dishes to be had. As it turns out, my salad is NOT made with bunches of fresh veggies but bunches of spicy flavors and only two veggies – Savoy Cabbage and Carrots.Savoy cabbage is NOT easy to find in Podunk, USA. I thought I would have to use regular but at the FOURTH (and last) store….


Asian Dressing:

    2 Tbl rice wine vinegar
    1 1/2 TBL soy sauce
    1 TBL oyster sauce
    1/4 tsp Tabasco hot pepper sauce
    1 tsp sugar
    2 cloves garlic, peeled, crushed, and finely chopped (2 teaspoons)

Savoy Salad

    1/2 pound tender savoy cabbage leaves, with tough lower part of central ribs removed and discarded, leaves finely shredded (about 6 cups, lightly packed)
    1/2 cup julienned carrot strips

Combine the dressing ingredients in a plastic bag large enough to hold the cabbage.
Add the cabbage, toss it with the dressing, and allow the mixture to marinate for about 2 hours.
Transfer the salad and dressing to a serving bowl, sprinkle with the carrot.Recipe is from Jacques Pepin’s Table page 296

This was spicy. I think I liked it, but I’m not quite sure yet. It would be a great side with a sweet chicken dish. The heat and the sour from the salad would balance out the sweet. I made the full dressing recipe but only used about 1/4 of the cabbage. Good thing because the cabbage really soaked up the dressing.

What other salads are on the I Heart Cooking Clubs’ salad buffet? Check them out!


One of the reasons I learned to cook was to be able to enjoy different dishes I have had in restaurants or heard about from friends. But I am also trying to eat healthier. Those two often don’t go together. Unless you cook with Ellie Krieger. I have often wanted to make shrimp pad thai but haven’t gotten around to it yet. While this ISN’T the pad thai I had in mind it is not bad. Regular pad thai is served hot after stir-frying most of the ingredients together. THIS, however, is a SALAD and served cold. All the same ingredients: fish sauce, sugar, sriracha, rice noodles, shrimp, bean sprouts, peanuts, etc but cold.


While it was tasty it just wasn’t what I was expecting and I really don’t like it enough to make it again. Sorry, Glennis {her pick this week}, but just not a fave here.

You can find the recipe on page 48 of Ellie’s Weeknight Wonders.

ANd see if the others liked the pad thai salad by visiting our ‘meeting place‘.

If you would like to join us cooking through Ellie’s book just leave a comment with one of us. The recipe picks are on the right side of the page and the dates we are blogging about them. Come join in the fun!

Today was a fun day in the kitchen. My son is in town and he likes to cook so we made this week’s ‘assignment’ together.


Chicken breasts are poached in a brown sugar, soy sauce, cinnamon, star anise, and rice wine mixture. Then fried to crispyness. Thus the name, “twice-cooked”. This was good. I served it as Donna suggested with some steamed greens and jasmine rice. Donna listed chicken breasts with skin but I never buy them so went with the skinless. It was still nice and crispy because of the sugar in the poaching sauce. The sauce thickened quite a bit so I thinned it with a little extra soy sauce and drizzled some over the chicken and steamed bok choy.

The recipe is on page 120 of Donna’s off the shelf.

If you would like to join us just check the recipes on Wednesdays with Donna Hay and leave a comment there. We would love to have you. No commitment. Just fun.

And to see how the other members liked the chicken – WWDH.

My pick this week. Asian sounded good. And y’all know I do love the flavors of Asian (and Indian, and Mediterranean and Italian cuisine). This chicken is cooked in a foil pouch with sweet peppers, green onions and carrot for a mere 12 minutes so it is a very quick meal


and also very tender. Steamed in a sauce made from soy sauce, brown sugar and rice vinegar then sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds it is full of flavor as well.


You can find the recipe on page 144 of Ellie’s Weeknight Wonders. I also found it on Caroline’s site.

I hope the other Eaters liked my pick. Check them out on he Eating with Ellie website.

I have heard of these sandwiches for a long time. I have wanted to make one for a while. Or try one somewhere. But until now, I really haven’t done it. Until now I didn’t have Ellie’s recipe for a nice healthy one.


What is a bahn mi you ask. It is a Vietnamese sandwich made on a baguette. A baguette because the bread was introduced to Viet Nam by the French. It is still the most popular bread there. The single bread serving is merged with native Vietnamese ingredients to produce a unique sandwich that has become very popular today.

Usually made with Pork it also usually includes cucumbers, pickled carrots, daikon radish, and cilantro. And all of those ingredients are on Ellie’s bahn mi. I made mine with chicken, which is perfectly acceptable for this sandwich. I left off the radish, daikon is just not to be found here. And I cut the hot sauce – Siracha – down some. I was afraid it would be too hot but it was just right mixed with the mayo and yogurt.

I really liked this one. The bite of the pickled carrot combined with the sweetness of the honey/siracha marinated chicken was just right. Definitely something to make again and again. This was Glennis’ pick this week and it was a good one. Thanks!

Check out the other sandwiches over at the Eating with Ellie site.

Thanks, Gaye, for this week’s pick. It was easy. It was quick. It was delicious!


What we have here is pork {Donna suggested pork neck but I went with boneless pork backbone} which is marinated in hoisin sauce, soy sauce, honey, Mirin, and 5-spice overnight and then baked for 40 minutes. SOOOO good. I served it with some Hokkien noodles which we made last month. I wish I had made more. Oh, wait, there’s pork in the chill-chest and plenty of spices left….This is a definite keeper.

The recipe is on page 116 of Donna’s modern classics

Check with Gaye, Kayte, Sarah, and Chaya for this week’s Wednesday with Donna Hay pick.

If I know I am going to be alone for a meal I usually make Indian or Asian dishes. This time, since it was my pick for Wednesdays with Donna Hay I went Asian with her Hokkien Noodles with Sesame Chicken. Little did I know that THOSE particular types of noodles are not available any where withing 1000 miles of Podunk, USA. So I subbed in some ramen noodles and then just went on with the recipe. Perfectly acceptable sub!!


The chicken is cooked iwth sesame oil, onions, soy sauce, miso paste, {one of the reasons I chose this because I finally found some….}and greens. You could use either bok choy or spinach. I went with the spinach. The sesame seeds were sprinkled on top.

This was good. Definitely a nice quick dish and definitely repeatable.

The recipe is from Donna’s New Food Fast {page 68}. Check with Gaye, Sarah, and Chaya to see if they liked it as much as I did.

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