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The MSC Group is at it again. Baking our way through Martha Stewart’s CupCake Book, we do one cupcake every month. But this month we get a bonus – a second Cup Cake – Banana-Pecan


With Caramel Buttercream Frosting.

Easy to put together. Tasty to eat. I made 1/3 recipe and that gave me 11 cupcakes. I had some buttercream frosting in the fridge, so I made Dorie’s Caramel (From the Peanut Crunch Tart) and mixed that with the softened Buttercream. That worked out fine, but it took a lot of caramel to give it the flavor it needed.

I sprinkled some toffee bits on top of some, drizzled (which fizzled) on some and left some just plain.


Another good cup cake from Martha’s book. You really should buy this one. But you can also find the recipe – HERE!!

And go by the MSC Site and see how the other cup cakers. New_Image[1]

I have decided I LOVE making cup cakes. What is there not to love about them. They are small. You can easily freeze them individually. You don’t HAVE to frost them all at once. You don’t HAVE to have a plate to eat them – hand cakes! CUP CAKES RULE!!!

So, when I found a new Baking Group (like I need another one…) it was love at first site – Martha Stewart’s Cup Cake Club. Once a month, twice if there is a ‘bonus round’, we bake a particular cup cake from Martha’s Cup Cake book. By the time I had had the book for 3 weeks I had already made 5 of the cup cakes in the book.

And now, thanks to my friend Tracey at Tracey’s Culinary Adventures I have baked another one. Her choice: Zucchini Spice Cup Cakes


With Cream Cheese Icing. PERFECTION!!!

I always increase the spice in cup cakes like this and I am never disappointed. All I did was just make sure the measurements were heaping and it was enough.

I didn’t peel the zucchini which means there were some lovely little green bits throughout the cup cakes. DSC03944

It was a ‘Good Thing”!! Thanks Tracey. Great Pick!


TWD post later today. Two groups on the same day does not make posting easy. Plus, It is also Cup Cake Hero Day. I LOVE BLOGGING!!!

My Name is TeaLady and I am a cupcakolic.

Yes, I am addicted to Martha Stewart’s Cupcake Book. I have only had the book for about 10 days and have already made 5 of the recipes. Yesterday it was the Coconut Cupcakes.


The cup cake was good, but I think next time I will add a little coconut extract to the mix.

Instead of the 7-minute frosting I used a butter cream. And found out I don’t really like butter cream icing. Tastes too much like butter. Yeah, I know, DUH!! but I thought it would bet , eh, less like butter and more like frosting.

I made my first toasted coconut and used that instead of fresh roasted coconut. Looks pretty.

But we really liked these cup cakes. Nice and moist and easy. And I got to use my new silicon cup cake cups. SWEET!!!

What others have I made??

    Carrot CupcakesDSC03941
    Chocolate Chunk CupcakesDSC04057They were a little dry, so I added a little ganache drizzle. Perfect!!

    Peanut Butter Cookie CupcakesDSC04025

      I put chocolate ganache on some. Chocolate and PB!!DSC04027

    and one more, but you’ll have to wait until the 15th for that one…..

    I forgot – I had made one of Martha’s cuppycakes before. You can see it HERE!! So that makes 6 of her cup cakes I have made. My addiction is worse than I thought. Now I am forgetting , eh, eh, what was I talking about??

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