One Sentence

…happened when I became a Tweeter; I found some great conversation, helpful hints, and new baking challenges from foodies whose blogs I had been reading for several months including a chance to bake ‘together’ like we did this week when several of us made Garden Tomato Bread DSC04007 as suggested by Nancy from The Corner Loaf (where you can find the link for the recipe) which used lots of great flavors from the garden like tomatoes, and other great tastes like sunflower seeds, sage, thyme, etc. but if you go to the recipe you can see what was in this great bread.DSC04005


that can be served over pasta, wrapped in a tortilla, or served alone is the question that was answered by making Sonoma Chicken (The Good Carb Cookbook by Sandra Woodruff) which is not only Lo-Carb (nutrition included) but delicious and open to flexibility when adding/subtracting certain elements (adding sliced eggplant, leaving out rosemary and mushrooms [cause hubby doesn’t like] and using veggie broth instead of chicken).DSC03998


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