First – I want to thank all of you up North who honored my request and sent me some of your snow.

It started about 8:00 Thursday night.

And continued into the wee hours of the morning.

By the time we were up Friday, the ground was snuggled under a blanket of white.

The trees were draped in garlands of crystals.

And the sounds of life were muted by the softness of nature.

Everywhere was pristine, quiet, and lovely.


    The Children Discovered their new Environment.

    And they romped in the cold.(Well, some romped, some just dragged their bellies.)

    While some of nature’s creatures probably found it somewhat disconcerting after coming here for the warmer winter

    they, too, left their mark on the cotton topping.

    Altho’ somewhat smaller marks than the other animals (there WAS a snow angel there).

    Some of us made new Friends.

    With funny faces.and spindley arms.

    But that was yesterday. Today….

    there is but a single sentinal to remind us of yesterday’s snowball fights, crunchy footsteps, and a seldom enjoyed pleasure of winter.

    Thank you, Mother Nature (aka El Nino) for simple winter fun.